Mining Transparency Initiative
As part of our mission to serve as a resource for Meagher County residents, the Meagher County Stewardship Council has developed an interactive map showing mineral development activity around the Black Butte Copper Project, located north of White Sulphur Springs. The Black Butte Copper Project is an underground copper mine being developed by Tintina Montana, a subsidiary of Sandfire Resources America.

The purpose of the map is to provide transparency into the extent and scale of Tintina's mineral exploration and permitted development in Meagher County. The map includes layers showing features of the Black Butte Copper Project, as well as Tintina's mineral claims on public lands in the area. Also depicted on the map are six townships covered by a Mining Practices Agreement, signed in 2019 by the Stewardship Council and Tintina, that prohibits Tintina and any successor companies from conducting open pit mining in the covered area. You can read and download the full agreement below.

Future mineral development on public lands covered by Tintina’s mineral claims is subject to a rigorous permitting process overseen by federal agencies – primarily the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. To learn more about the regulations covering mining claims, please see 43 CFR Part 3800. The database containing mineral claims on public lands is in the public record and can be accessed here.
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